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CNE Grant for Urology Nursing Chapter to ACU 2012

Dear Members,   Please be informed that the Urology Nursing Chapter of the Hong Kong Urological Association (UNC HKUA) will sponsor max 10 members (with at least 3 recent consecutive years of membership) to attend the 11th Asian Congress of Urology of The Urological Association of Asia 22nd-26th August 2012 ( Deadline of application of UNC HKUA sponsorship: 31st May 2012. Please remember to renew your membership if not yet done.  Forms can […]

Update Series in Urology Nursing 2008-2009

Download latest lecture notes: Ketamine cystitis 2008-12-20 Male infertility 2008-12-20 Pelvic Organ Prolapse 2009-01-17 Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Nursing Management 2009-01-17 Surgical management on male urinary incontinence 2009-10-09 Male Urinary Incontinence 2009-10-09 Paediatric Urodynamics 23.10.2009 Update Management on Continence Care Urotherapy training 23.10.2009 Surgical Management on Fecal Incontinence 30.10.2009