Hong Kong Urological Association will proudly celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022/23. In celebration of this important milestone, we sincerely invite you to provide a creative design for our 35th anniversary logo.

Submit your entry for the chance to win a cash prize of HK$5,000. The competition is open to all HKUA members and general public.


Submission deadline

21 October 2022 (Friday)


How To Join

Submission requirements

The theme of the anniversary celebration is “Stonger Together”. The composition elements of the anniversary logo should include “35” and “HKUA”. Each entry must include a brief description (no more than 300 words, either in Chinese or English), illustrating the design concept.


Each participant may submit more than one entry.


Please refer to the remarks* for more about Intellectual Property Rights and all other Terms and Conditions.

Submission formats

All entries must be presented in A4 (210mm x 297mm) document size, in vector PDF format with 300 dpi output resolution. Both colour and black/white versions must be included on the same page.


Entries of scanned or photographed hand-drawn works will not be accepted.


Hard-copy prints and editable digital files of the shortlisted entries will be requested at a later date.

Submission method


Submit the entry via email to with the information listed below:

  • Name of participant (as stated on the identification document)
  • Phone number
  • Work place
  • Text description of the logo design concept (no more than 300 words, either in Chinese or English)

The attachment(s) should not exceed 30MB in total

Awards and Prizes : 1 Winner - Cash Prize of HK$5000

Result Announcement

The result will be announced at the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting Closing Ceremony to be held on 6th November 2022 at Kerry Hotel, Hunghom. The winner will also be notified by email individually.

Intellectual Property Rights
  • All participants who submit entries to the Competition, agree to assign the intellectual property rights of the winning designs to HKUA.
  • By the act of entering the submission, each eligible participant is assigning a perpetual, royalty free, unlimited, unconditional use and reproduction rights of his/her submission(s) to HKUA.
  • All submissions must be original and free from infringement of any existing intellectual property rights.
  • The participants shall bear full legal and related responsibilities arising from any possible breach of intellectual property rights in respect of their entries and shall indemnify HKUA and other concerned parties against any claims and liabilities arising from any such breach.
  • If a participant is found to have disposed of to a third party, such as by assignment, transfer or provision as security, or is making application or registration procedures, etc., for all or any part of the intellectual property rights or any other rights concerning the submitted entry after the submission, the submission will be made invalid.
  • The winning designs are subject to investigations regarding originality and eligibility for trademark registration. If they do not comply with the requirement, HKUA has the discretion to forfeit the prizes involved without any liability to the selected participants or any other persons, and other entries may be selected as the winning designs.
  • HKUA shall not be obliged to accept or approve any entry, should they consider that none of the entries submitted is appropriate.
  • When the logo is adopted, HKUA reserves the right to modify the winning logo professionally and/or develop different versions of the logo with relation to its colours, size, form, resolution and all other features, with or without the consent of the creator of the winning entry.
  • By joining the Competition, the participants agree to accept that HKUA has the right to display or publish selected designs from the Competition for the following purposes: (i) printed publication; (ii) online publication; and (iii) promotion of HKUA in any other media.